Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tiger Tattoo Designs

Because tigers are slowly becoming part of the endangered species of the world, tiger tattoo designs have become extremely popular with a lot of individuals. According to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, there are currently only fewer than 5,000 tigers in Asia. Unfortunately, it is not only in Asia that tigers have become endangered. More and more groups have been formed to help the conservation and protection of the existing tigers in our world today.
It is not only because of its status of being endangered that tigers have become a popular design for tattoos. The tiger is also a popular representation for power and for strength. Usually when you see a tiger, you get scared and feel a great deal of respect for it. Other symbolisms for tigers include passion, courage, and vitality. When an individual opts to have a tiger tattooed on their body, they are usually able to identify with one or more of the animal’s characteristics.
The most popular place in the body where people put their tiger tattoo designs is on the bicep, because of its representation for strength. When opting for a tiger tattoo, its colors are usually golden yellow and black. To make it even more colorful and meaningful, other colors and backgrounds can be added.
While the tiger represents a strong and courageous side, there is also another softer side to the tiger which is often represented in cartoons or even in breakfast cereals. Examples of this are Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and Tony the Tiger from Kellogg’s cereal.

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