Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best Ring Finger Tattoos

doing when you are getting a ring finger tattoo – even though there are people who get a divorce then get the tattoo changed.
Ring Tattoos are definitely the rising trend – not just a fad, and they have been rising since ancient days – and this tattoo directly represents “stability in love.” Others use it as a budget option, because they cannot afford the diamond or gold ring! Be sure you are doing it for love purposes and not budget options.
You get the tattoo on your left ring finger – a place you would wear your normal ring. Now it is important to understand that it is permanent – so there are people who get it covered up; but why go through the hassle, you have to be sure you want to make this decision.
Characteristics of a Great Ring Finger Tattoo
Strong Confession of Love – When you see a tattoo, you want it to show off as a strong confession of love. Not to everybody else; but to you personally, when you look at it, you want to be reminded of the stability of the relationship and the stability of love.
Unique – You don’t just want a regular tribal “finger-band” like many people do unless, it’s a genuine one that means a lot to you and/or your culture. Make sure you do not get anything generic junk symbolizing your marriage. If you want hidden messages, symbols, or whatever – do you what you have to; just make sure it’s genuine and true to who you are.

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