Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrity Marissa Miller Body Painting

An American model Marisa Miller is most popular for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. Here are included Marisa Miller Body Painting photos. Body Painting is a form of body art which is temporary painted onto the human skin. This photo shoot came out in 2008, Marisa Lee Miller is not wearing anything but wore a white colored short shirt with a big mouthed tattoo on it and a red sports panty are just painted in this photo shoots.

Body Art Paintings Egyptian Sexy Girl Body Paint

Body Art Paintings Egyptian Sexy Girl Body PaintBeautiful body paintings with Egyptian theme in the body of a girls body. Watch bodyart paintings of Egyptian Girl Egypt Theme.

Body Art Paintings Egyptian Sexy Girl Body PaintBody Art Paintings Egyptian Sexy Girl Body Paint

Friday, February 11, 2011

DKNY Men Fall / Winter 2011 Collection

DKNY Men Fall / Winter 2011 Menswear Collection by Donna Karan at New York Fashion Week 2011.




Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Body Painting With Henna

Painting body with henna is an increasing trend in many countries. Mostly women living in Middle East and Far East paint their bodies with henna. Some do it as a ritual and other do it for fun. The exquisite and delicate designs are what make painting the body with henna so much interesting. The custom of painting the body with henna dates back 5000 years. The interesting thing about this kind of painting is that it is temporary and one can create new designs every four weeks. So people looking for temporary tattoo and painting can opt for henna body painting as it is safe, reliable, cheap and easy to use. Also it provides the exquisite and imaginative look which people really love.

New Body Painting With Henna

An important thing to remember here is that one must be aware of their allergies. Sometimes the oils in henna paste cause rashes and other allergic reactions, to avoid such situations these people can use purified henna. Traditionally henna was applied to the hair, foot and hands and mostly during special events like weeding and other ritualistic events. These days the trend is increasing solely because of the quality and advantages of painting the body with henna over other forms of body art. Painting the body with henna portrays creativity and delicacy.

Various Kinds of Body Painting Art

Asian Body Painting Picture Gallery

Asian Body Painting 1

Asian Body Painting 2

Asian Body Painting 3

Body Painting Picture Gallery 1

Body Painting Picture Gallery 2