Sunday, December 9, 2007

Excellent! Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007!

Always creative and amazing fashion show. The sets were superb, ranging from futuristic night clubs to a water fountain in a European province. But the costumes and lingerie were more extravagant as ever. It was more personal this year with some of the fashion model from different countries with little videos about themselves. Very Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. You got to know them, where they came from, their lives and some of the causes that they support.

Every year they have stand-ins so that the production staff can figure out their camera angles and such. Since the release of the pink line they decided to do something different. They had aspiring young fashion model from around the country come in and act as those stand-ins. For the lucky girl with the best walk, she was able to participate in the show and she was amazing, even giving a wink at the end.

It was especially louder in the audience this year as they had a lot of young teens amongst celebrities like Jeremy Piven, Eva Longoria, Ryan Seacrest, Neil Patrick Harris to name a few. The fashion model were much more interactive this year trying to gage the audience but still maintaining their poise at the end of the runway. Blowing kisses at the fans and doing their signature looks in their close-up shots at the end of the runway. What I love about Victoria Secret fashion model besides being the top models of the world is that they always know exactly what to do on camera, always conscious of their surroundings and whereabouts and there is never an awkward angle or odd pose, so effortless.

Once again Victoria Secret Fashion Show did not fail to deliver on their guests Will.I.Am, Seal and a duet with his wife, Heidi Klum (Yes, they debuted their duet with a kiss at the end, to the screaming crowd) and ofcourse the Spice Girls brought the show alive. The music is always fresh and mixed well and the girls no exactly how to move.

I love the backstage filming, the P.A.s and all of the assistants all around, you can see everything going on in front on the stage and in the back. You get to be part of whats going on backstage which is always crazy and fun. It allows you to see how you can be composed and perform on stage and serious and fast backstage with the directors giving directions and cues that they give to the fashion models and staff.


  • Video clips of the models
  • A segment in the middle had the models starting on a revolving circle that had the girls dancing on it before it reached the runway for them to walk on it.
  • Spice Girls - I got goosebumps when they lip-synced, i can't believe their back. Singing STOP brought back so many childhood memories. (I loved how they kept showing the models backstage dancing and making complete fun of themselves)
  • Selita wearing the million dollar bra(The highlight every year)
  • Alessandra - She is the new Giselle, she owned this show next to Heidi. Heidi as an ornament at the end of the show was amazing.
  • The last model always has the most amazing winged costume. Hedi Klum of course got that honor.
  • The final tableau was amazing. There was a huge Christmas tree in the back that had all of the other models on it when it turned around. What a fantastic finale.