Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nitin Bal Chauhan: Fashion-wise, men want to be at par with women

Touted as one of the most promising designers in the industry, Nitin Bal Chauhan, has come a long way ever since he made his debut in 2007. Already famous in the fashion circuit, Chauhan’s funky unusual themes have been widely applauded in prestigious fashion weeks. And after wooing the ladies with his chic designs and ensembles, Chauhan is now all set to take on the men’s fashion industry as he showcased his trendy designs at the opulent ongoing Men’s Fashion Week.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the fashion madness, the young designer spoke to Tanu Talwar about his creations and his expectations from the men’s fashion industry.

Tanu: Do you think India is ready for a Men’s Fashion Week?

Nitin: Yes, I feel that the timing is perfect. It could have happened 2 years ago but I guess it’s good that it’s happening now as there is so much awareness about men’s fashion, thanks to the media and the global fashion industry. More so, I feel that today there is more clarity both in the fashion industry and among the audience about how the business works.

Tanu: Have men become more fashion conscious?

Nitin: Yes, of course they have. These days’ men want to dress up
and be at par with their women when it comes to their fashion. They are very specific. Not only the professionals you can see college going youngsters too. They all want to wear the latest trends and experiment with their looks and style. I feel that having a fashion week solely for men is the first right step to tap this booming market.

Tanu: What is the inspiration behind your collection?

Nitin: My designs are mainly inspired by gothic architecture, rock and roll and nature. My collection is all about sleek pants
with funky t-shirts that are extremely affordable. Besides clothes
I have also designed a range of bags.

Tanu: What’s the theme behind your creation?

Nitin: See since my designs are inspired by the youth, my show will see college going teenagers walking down the ramp instead of male models. I will showcase a very wearable line that youngsters like to don these days.

Tanu: What are your expectations from India’s first Men’s Fashion Week?

Nitin: (Laughs) Well I truly hope to find some keen buyers. But on a serious note I just want more designers to come and showcase their work in this field.

Tanu: So who all will be able to afford your designs?

Nitin: You’ll be surprised that my collections starts at Rs 300 and goes up till Rs 3000. This is mainly because my target audience is teenagers and young professionals.

Tanu: Do you feel that celebrities walking the ramp have become a substitute for unimaginative designs?

Nitin: Well these things use to happen, say about, 5 years back. But today the audience is just to smart for any designer to dupe them in the name of a celebrity. Moreover, celebrities too have become increasingly conscious about the designers they endorse. They only wear a particular designer’s creation, if they really like his or her work.

Tanu: When do we see you going into retail?

Nitin: Till now my designs have been available at select outlets but I am planning to go into direct retail in two years.

Tanu: Do you think that male models have got their due?

Nitin: Yes definitely. It’s a beginning for them. A window has opened and there is still a long way to go but Men’s Fashion Week is a step in the right direction.

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