Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Latest Male Fashion Fad - Welcome the 'Mirdle'

Fashion for men has to constantly re-invent itself to, well, stay fashionable. Here's the latest addition to its line - the 'mirdle' or men's girdle. And Australian men are going gaga.

The 'mirdle' is an offshoot of the men's stretchy compression shorts available in sporting goods shops.

These body shapers have become the latest fad among men Down Under who wish to lift their posteriors.

It helps reduce "the stomach and love handle area."

While classic "tighty whitey" still remains an underwear staple, men have also started experimenting with colour and styles.

They love to show off designer label waistbands emblazoned at the hip.

"The waistband has become almost the primary selling feature," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst for The NPD Group, a market research firm as saying

Men's shapewear is now in department and specialty stores, marketed to "streamline and slim a man's body," said Michael Flint, head of sales and operations
of Equmen, an Australian company that makes slenderising tops and bottoms.

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