Friday, June 27, 2008

Natural and Home Made Body Scrub

Want to add some glow to your skin? No matter what the season, our skin can look dry and unhealthy. A body scrub is just what you need! And, just a quick look in the refrigerator or pantry might be all the effort required to find some common ingredients that will make a luxurious body scrub. Here are some simple, and effective ideas:

Coffee Grounds
Just a handful of coffee grounds, with a little salt added if you like, is a perfect body scrub! Just use in the shower on moistened skin and then thoroughly rinse off.

Oats Scrub
Again, you can use this in its pure form, or pulverize in a powerful blender or food processor until you're left with a fine oat powder. Use all over your body in the shower, and again - be sure to rinse well.

Yogurt & Honey
A soothing shower treatment, more than a true 'scrub', honey is nutrient rich and fantastic for skin! This is great for sensitive skin, as honey is also very gentle and mild. Just mix up some pure, natural yogurt (full-fat is best) and a tablespoon or two of honey, and take that into the shower and have a spa treat, right out of the fridge!

Cornmeal Body Scrub
This is a great, traditional scrub! Just use pure cornmeal. This will leave your skin soft and feeling lovely.

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