Saturday, June 7, 2008

Must Learn Beauty NO NO's

I am sure you honestly didn't mean to commit a beauty no-no, you merely were stuck in a bad habit that you weren't even aware that you had. Your poor prince of a guy was probably too embarrassed to mention your lipstick to you before or maybe he was soooooh mesmerized by what came out of your lovely lips that he was caught up in a romantic blur.

However, there are some beauty no-no's that no matter what, are best avoided:

Clumpy Mascara. Mascara should thicken, lengthen and darken in a fashion that mimics real lush eyelashes.

Lining your inner eye with blue. It only "brightens" eyes on stage and looks freaky and runny in person.

Cakey Make-up. You know the kind, it gets caught in your wrinkles, ugh!

Foundation that stops at your chin. Avoid the makeup mask by blending the color down your neck.

Slashes of your contour powder. The idea is not to look like you were sideswiped by the makeup van, but you honestly have high cheekbones.

Dark roots. Only work on early Madonna or punk kids.

Wooly or over-plucked eyebrows. Eyebrows balance your eye shape and face; they should not overpower or under whelm.

Dragon Lady Nails. If you need your knuckles to use a telephone, your nails are too long.

Obvious Plastic Surgery. There is some truth to too much of a good thing.

Perfume that precedes you and then lingers behind a room. Only dogs need to leave their scent.

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