Saturday, November 20, 2010

Temporary Tattoos

Relax, Get Your Temporary Tattoo AND Live Your Life with Flair, It’s Your Body
Do you want so much to get your bod tattooed but have been holding off because it’s just too big a decision, like a permanent pick?
Forget all your worries, start making your plans, like getting your temporary tat, at last.
Yeah... Go on, you know ya’ want it…
Relax, just do it :O)
Stop your fretting about what mom would say? Or Dad or whoever… (those voices in your head, say go on now, that's right) We’re talking temp tat… -Easy right, if you dare not have permanent tattoo then, temporary tats may be just right for you. Also forget all about pain with a temporary tattoo…
No worries here…
Temp Tats are just not painful like permanent tattoos. No: supplies, gear and hassle of exposing yourself to a strange dude for their perfect tattoo. Your temporary tattoo is like: henna paste or body stickers, Pretty easy, right…no fuss. no muss…
Plus it’s instant.
Henna, Henna oh sweet Henna...
The art of mehndi or henna, (think India, think Middle East, North Africa and Asia…Can you say “Road-Trip”?
Yes or No…to your road trip (be nice:)…you still get amazing henna tats right in your own backyard… Yeah, Yeah… -Henna is a temporary tattoo and ever so fashionable nowadays plus beautiful to boot. Take your powdered henna, mix with coffee or tea, a bit lemon juice and sugar and Wha-la! you just made paste. The art is to apply the paste in beautiful and intricate patterns anywhere on the body, but mostly on your hands and feet…
You may help the first time…you may want’a check or look for community fairs in your area for your own local Henna expert.
Body Stickers
Think body sticker… dude it’s convenient… Think easy. Yes bod stick is the ez way to get your temporary tattoo. There’re all kinds of body stickers on hand and nice designs for your temporary tattoos all over. You be look’n good quick when you get a tribal or Celtic sticker for your bod.
Or, Maybe ya want’ a try Chinese symbols, dragons tattoos or a cross for tattooing pleasure and adventure. Feeling extra sexy? …Try erotic tats like red kissing lips, hearts or hot babes tattoos are easy to come by for your all new temporary tattoo stickers. Would you want to try the symbol your astrology sign, a flower tattoo, a butterfly or a sunflower tattoos…remember you’re 100% safe…. we’re still talk’n---temporarily.
Go for a real armband or a something exotic on your lower back for thenext few days…Live it up…Man. --And if not now…when?
Temporary Tattoo Sticker Application
The process of putting on your temporary tattooing is so very simple. Just pick your fav temp tat of your tattoo gallery or from pay for it put it in pocket or purse…bring it home and now the fun begins…
Now get comfy ‘cause you’re about to get Wild and get tattooed…LOL. Make this a celebration.. –Feel it! Make the tattoo experience about you, your body…Your life…
-Think about the meaning of your tattoo and what you’re doing and make it a special time for you. Then be sure that your skin is clean, dry and your ready. Remember your skin is free of any oils and lotions.
Get a bowl with some water…. Apply the water to the back of the tattoo, either by putting water directly on it or put a little on with a damp cloth. Remove the back film from the tat and apply the tattoo on your skin. Making sure your tattoo is properly soaked. After this, wait for about 30 to 40 seconds, at least. Avoiding twisting or stretching your skin where your tattoo is applied. After a minute, remove the sticker and see the tattoo shining on your skin. Remove any left over glue by rinsing it off very gently with a little warm water.
You may want to get your friend to help you, if the area is not reachable by you. What ever you do…---DO NOT put your tattoo on a hairy spot…No NO –NO…. Easy simple solution: shave, and then put on your tattoo.
If ya want’a take off your tattoo before it comes off, use soap and You may want to use oil-based creams to help remove temporary tattoos from your dry skin.
How Long The Temporary Tattoo Last?
Most of the Henna tattoos can look nice for about two weeks and then slowly fade away from dark brown to light orange shades and then disappear. –nice effect. Your sticker tattoos may last look great for… four to eight days but not more than about three weeks. You can wear your tattoo while in the bath or pool but should avoid direct washing so to let it last longer. A few more tips to help your temporary tattoo stay longer. You should avoid tight-fitting clothes and avoid its rubbing, too.
Are There Any Risks Involved With The Temporary Tattoos?
Most of the temporary tattoos are safe. To be on the safer side, I would never -never ever apply any tattoo to any sensitive or scratched skin. Keep your tattoos away from your eyes. Check your skin type before applying the tattoo and be sensitive to any reaction…then take action.
My personal advise is to never NEVER let a child get a tattoo...little bodies are different for adult bodies...some Henna Tats may not be okay...So do some reasearch, first.
Even heard of a few cases of pimples caused by temporary tattoos.
But if you do experience skin allergy or reaction, remove the tattoo with gentle hands. Read and understand all manufactures instructions and seek advise from a professional like your family doctor.

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