Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fashion and Music: Boys Like Girls

Boys like girls, four in the American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. The team completed a nationwide tour aiming to hit that lovely lighting and how Butch Walker and charts on Top of Top unsigned artists purevolume the formation of a few months at the end of 2005. August 2006 were released on their debut album is a boys like girls, as well as to Columbia Records / red ink.

Musical Style:
Form bands, his list of influences and a variety of contemporary pop music - punk bands such as Jimmy eat World, in the story of the year, economic policy k, the Academy is ..., kelena, confessional and the dashboard. Boys like girls influence even found a metalcore band. This trend is clearly guitarwork and drum sounds, erasing much less affected by Funk rokui replace the vocal patterns and lyrics. Given Johnson's distinctive tenor vocal melody - solicitation, as a result of intermittently placed falsettos, Tyson is sometimes reminiscent of liters (celebrities of all - the United States declined) - all of the band - the sound is a round focus on alternative rock radio late jaren '90, And therefore vertical horizon, 9 9 dolls, and Eve 6.

Boys like girls compare with the majority of colleagues, they like the other radio - Friendship pop - rock sound. Therefore, such as boys like girls have been classified as "full album hit single" or "summer of soundtracks, including" the quartet to highlight emerging opportunities to write compatible with mainstream music. Other reviews are considered "Jimmy ate a copy of the water - below the world" a more appropriate description. Typically, you can predict the decision-making debut of a promising rookie in terms of sustainability, but not necessarily normal. Their first album follows the musical concepts of fair play even been started by a total of 41 albums, "all of the murderers, regional filler." This style of numbers, but each has its own unique structure, melodies and more information about the quality of production.

-- Even boys like girls, such as online communities to be precipitately, "Fall Out Boy's 2006" (a reference to pop - the punk band's commercial success since 2005 under the cork trees), is less persuaded to sell the album. Despite the promotional capabilities of the first page, boys like girls, such as scanning unit 1472 Only within one week of sales, so you do not meet the Billboard 200 chart. However, the ongoing journey to help promote and achieve the record of #179 entries chart in 2007. It continued to gain popularity can only obtain one, the great escape, the chart gear and, finally, the vertexes #55 in 2007 chart. After the expiration date, nearly 200 billboards - one to re-release of the hero / heroine album Gold jumped up immediately after the approval of the #61.

Warch Boys Like Girls single: Five Minutes to Midnight

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